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Bootcamp, network and community for high net worth individuals seeking to become angels, VC investors or members of syndicates investing in high-growth African tech startups

Who You are

  • You are inspired by, and passionate about, African innovation, development and resource potential.

  • You desire to connect and network with other high performing executives within the African continent and in the diaspora who are intentional on giving back to the next generation of African innovation.

  • You are seeking a high-impact, intentional program for like-minded executives seeking to learn more about the African startup and venture ecosystem.

  • You have a long term future investment strategy that includes a portfolio of angel, venture or syndicate deals.** 

  • You are looking for assistance in building a framework for your investment thesis and criteria for evaluating deals.

  • You are welcome to feedback, counsel and mentorship from industry experts in the angel and syndicate investment spaces.

  • You have time each week available, outside of your work/business commitments to contribute to your growth and to the learning modules assigned

  • You are ready to be part of a connected community that includes technology leaders, high net worth individuals [HNI's], LPs, venture capital investors and fellow executives that are members of the African diaspora.

** Your participation in Angel Academy has no restrictions, however, to invest in our portfolio of startups, you must qualify as a high-net individual with an average yearly income over $200,000 ($300,000 for joint income) for the last two years with the expectation of earning the same or a higher income in the current year

Investing into tech companies has frequently been considered an opaque, intimidating strategy to building wealth. With the Angel Academy, hosted by Noir Diaspora with top industry experts and successful angel investors, we hope to demystify the process and guide you in building your methodoly against a sound investment thesis as you develop your portfolio. 


From Africa to the World

Whether our teams are building to solve problems in their local communities, or are scaling across major cities in their own countries, or if they perhaps have conquered their countries and are crossing into regional markets and beyond the continent, we get to see them early. And we move quickly.


Equipping you to build a solid thesis and methodology in evaluating and investing into high-growth tech deals.

The Noir Diaspora Angel Academy is an intentional & systematic virtual program designed to help African executives and high net worth individuals within the continent and in the diaspora to evaluate, structure and assess deals, against their personal or corporate thesis that matches their short or long term investment strategy.

Participation in the program grants attendees access to industry experts, investor syndicates, fund networks, innovation groups, accelerator/incubator communities and customized deal flow.



Week 1

Network with fellow attendees

Overview: Why Africa is built different

Evaluate African Startup Data & Trends

Evaluate African Funding Data & Trends

Evaluate Global Funding Data & Trends


Week 2

Evaluating areas of industry focus

Market assessment and analysis

Legalities & regulation per industry focus


Week 5


Week 6


Week 3


Week 4

Are you looking to identify and source the best African startups deals? Need more data?

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